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Purchase guarantee


  • The prices of products are in euros (€) and include I.V.A. Prices are valid except typographical error, or stocks
  • The sales by STRING-CLUB are subject to the laws of Spain with a consequent payment of the appropriate taxes.
  • Sign-in to STRING-CLUB is free. The client has access to their personal information through a password and can modify the data at any time. The purpose of registration is to send products, its billing and offer the best deals via e-mail. The user is under no obligation to be registered and can be removed at any time. By registering allows us to give a more personalized service. The information we receive when you register will be completely confidential and will not have any access to that information to persons outside the company.
  • STRING-CLUB is not responsible for changes in specifications and features of products or when the manufacturer discontinues a product, without notice.
  • The photographs on the products do not fall within the field of contract and may not result in any kind of commitment by STRING-CLUB.
  • STRING-CLUB reserves the right at any given time and unilaterally change the price of products and services offered through its website.
  • When formalization of the order, once used the menu acceptance of the order, as well as the terms of purchase, it is understood given the customer’s consent to the validity and effectiveness of the sales contract that obligates the parties.


  • In accordance with the provisions of art. 44 of the Law 7 / 1996 of January 15 Management retailing, the customer is entitled to revocation of the order requested within seven (7) days after receipt thereof, prior communication with STRING-CLUB.

The factors that can cause a refund are:

  • If the product you have requested does not fulfill: if the customer decides to exercise this right of withdrawal, STRING-CLUB refund the price paid by the customer.
  • Defective Product of origin: in this case STRING-CLUB manage change and / or repair of the product immediately. The change will be made of the same article or reference. You will only be billed for the first shipment, STRING-CLUB taking care of the details associated with the return and re-shipment. If you want to make a change for another article, or the product was in good state, the cost of returning and new shipment will have to be borne by the customer.
  • Product erroneously that does not correspond to the order: STRING-CLUB will bear the cost of collecting the wrong product and delivering corresponding to the order made.

STRING-CLUB will perform changes or refunds provided that:

  • Give prior notification to our Customer Service: This step is essential for whatever the reasons causing the return. You can do so by submitting a letter expressing the reasons for the return to richard@string-club.com
  • The article must be returned properly packed for the return: STRING-CLUB will not make refunds on products handled by the client, those returned without the original packaging factory, or those items that are returned incomplete both in its main elements as accessories.
  • STRING-CLUB will not refund or perform any forwarding of goods until it has verified the receipt and status of packaging and accessories of the article subject of the return.
  • The price of the refund is what originally appeared in the order.
  • No products have the right of return outside the stipulated time limit.


  • The normal warranty of the products offered by STRING-CLUB is two (2) years, STRING-CLUB being solely responsible for the defects found in the products purchased.
  • To manage the security is necessary to submit purchase invoice, packaging and other content, if any.
  • The guarantee will begin on the same day of delivery and / or acceptance of the order.


  • STRING-CLUB undertakes not to use the personal data of their clients or users for various purposes unrelated to the subject of hiring the services it provides, through appropriate measures to ensure the confidentiality of the same, the loss or alteration and unauthorized access these data.
  • STRING-CLUB by email or personal customer information may refer bids and if the customer is registered.
  • In accordance with the Data Protection Act, Organic Law 15/99 of 13 December, the client STRING-CLUB may at any time to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and if withdrawal of consent in the aforementioned Law and other regulations that may be applicable, write to our e-mail at richard@string-club.com


  • Peninsula: 24 hours. Baleares: 48 hours. Other destinations consult us.
  • Delivery times are indicated by STRING-CLUB as a guideline, excluding any responsibility for the same in the case of delays that are not attributable to it.
  • Shipping costs will be established depending on the fare provided in the Link “Orders”.
  • STRING-CLUB not send any request to verify that payment has been made of it.
  • The order will be delivered at the designated address at the time authorized by the customer. The subsequent change of the place of delivery requested by the customer may generate additional costs on the sale price.
  • The customer is responsible for checking the content and status of the goods at the time of delivery, being accepted the same and to provide his signature on the copy of the receipt to return to the carrier agrees on what he received and renouncing a subsequent claims on the adequacy and identity of the goods requested and received. In the case of verifying customer at the time of delivery errors in the goods received or that it is visually impaired shall include those circumstances in that stewardship of the transport company to inform of these facts to STRING-CLUB within 24 hours or via telephone by calling +34 952 198022.


To guarantee complete security for the payment of consumer goods gained establishes the following payment systems:

  • Paypal & Credit Card
  • Payment may be made by Paypal or credit card via the website safely (secure payment method). The purchase can be made via credit card or debit remains essential that they are protected.